Shattuckite Pendant help to Enhance Communication, Psychic Attunement & Honest Expression

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Shattuckite Pendant is set in Sterling Silver and helps to Enhance Communication, Psychic Attunement & Honest Expression. Measures approximately 75mm x 25mm x 6mm thick. 

Shattuckite, a captivating stone with swirls of deep blue and green, is prized for its metaphysical properties believed to bridge the gap between the physical and spiritual realms. Found primarily in copper mines of Arizona and Namibia, this relatively young stone (geologically speaking) resonates with the energy of clear communication and psychic attunement. Metaphysical practitioners revere it for its ability to activate the throat and third eye chakras, promoting clear and honest expression while simultaneously enhancing intuition and spiritual understanding. By fostering a connection to the divine source, Shattuckite is said to amplify psychic abilities like clairaudience, clairvoyance, and mediumship. Those seeking to connect with spirit guides or explore past lives find Shattuckite to be a powerful ally, facilitating the transmission of messages and insights. Furthermore, Shattuckite's calming influence is believed to soothe emotional turmoil and promote inner peace, allowing you to integrate these newfound insights with a heart-centered perspective. Whether you're a seasoned medium or simply curious about exploring your intuition, Shattuckite's vibrant energy offers a path towards deeper self-awareness and spiritual connection.

I try to get the most accurate photo possible, but due to natural variations in the stones, and individual monitor settings, there may be slight variations in colors from the photo to the stone in hand. 

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