Crystal Quartz Geode Heart for Aura Cleansing, Amplification & General Healing

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Crystal Quartz Geode Heart 

Heart A Measures Approximately 6.3cm x 5.5cm x 3.5cm 

Heart B Measures Approximately 5.7cm x 4.9cm x 2.4cm 

Heart C Measures Approximately 7.8cm x 7cm x 2cm 

Heart D Measures Approximately 5.5cm x 4.8cm x 2.5cm 

Heart E Measures Approximately 5.8cm x 4.7cm x 3.2cm 

Heart F Measures Approximately 7cm x 5.9cm x 3.5cm 

Heart G Measures Approximately 5cm x 4.1cm x 2.4cm 

Crystal Quartz is one of the most abundant minerals in the world. It can develop in a wide range of environments and can be found on every continent. Due to its abundance, this stone has a rich history. The term "quartz" comes from the Greek word for "ice" and the Ancient Greeks believed that Crystal Quartz was a form of permanent ice, so cold it would never melt. In Ancient Egypt Crystal Quartz was used to construct monuments as it was believed to channel the energy from the planetary system, and in Japanese mythology, Crystal Quartz was regarded as a symbol of perfection because it was believed to be the physical form of a white dragon’s breath. 

Crystal Quartz is known for its high vibrations and healing properties that help to cleanse your mind, body and spirit of negative energy, emotional impediments and blockages. It also helps to realign all of your chakra's and cleanse a cloudy aura. Known to promote clarity, wisdom and enhance spirituality. Crystal Quartz is also a great amplification stone, it can enhance the properties of other stones placed around it, making it popular for crystal grids and crystal healing. 

I try to get the most accurate photo possible, but due to natural variations in the stones, and individual monitor settings, there may be slight variations in colors from the photo to the stone in hand. Many times the actual stones are much better than my photo, as the camera does not always cooperate with me!

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